About the new Kent Isola

My name is David. I used to run a french website dedicated to Kent and named Kent Isola. For a matter of time and money, I had to let the site go in 2012.

After Kent’s final concert, and after talking with several international fans from France, Italy or Netherlands, I felt the need to reopen such a place for international fans. Because there’s a lot of us around the world after all, and because I felt everyone was searching for a way to keep the band alive in some way.

Kent Isola isn’t meant to duplicate a website like Kentipedia. Any idea is welcome about what you’d like to find on such a website. Feel free to contact me if you have ideas, requests, time to make this site alive or anything.

For now, we start small with a simple way to share our memories and testimonials about a band that is going to live forever in our heads and hearts.

Ready to share your memories about Kent? Go to form!